.NET Framework Configuration Tool

New version of .NET Framework comes with different tools that can be found by opening up Microsoft Management Console snap-in. There are several areas where this tool is the most useful. Specifically, it helps to manage assemblies in GAC, manage code access security policy, and manage remoting services. In order to open up this tool we need to click on Mscorcfg.msc which is stored inside our framework folder.
  1. Manage The Assembly Cache – we can view assemblies and add assemblies to GAC.
  2. Manage Configured Assemblies – we can view list of configurable assemblies and we can configure assemblies from the list.
  3. Configure Code Access Security Policy – all code groups must have unique names. My_Computer_Zone or Internet_Zone are examples of code groups.
  4. Adjust Remoting Services.
  5. Manage Individual Applications.
We can do many different tasks with this tool but one thing to remember we can always reset to default. We can also restore setting for the troublesome assembly by selecting “Fix This Assembly” option. The only requirement is that this Assembly should have run successfully at least once.

In summary, we can use configuration tool to manage the default configuration of an application, manage custom code groups by creating them, create custom permission sets, and administer export policies.